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Address: No. 72, Zhouxin East Road, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
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Quality choice

       Wuxi Hatal Aluminium Co., LTD. is a leading supplier and leader in precision aluminum tubes, aluminum profiles and bars in China.
        It has years of experience in serving the Chinese market, representatives of the industry's good quality.
        The Marketing department is responsible for market planning, development, sales, transportation, customer service, etc.

Our philosophy:

We value leading technology, quality for all, people-oriented services, creating harmony
We offer a trustworthy  and satisfactory service.
Here we are looking forward to the fruitful results, and we hope that the company and the customers will win together, and also that the company and the society will win.

Our technical philosophy -- every day, one step ahead
Our cooperation philosophy - team first, mutual primary
Our management philosophy - cultural influence, institutional constraints
Our market philosophy - create, perfect, share the best, create market trends
Our sales philosophy -- communication, for the common goal, to see each other with sincerity