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The difference between a seamed tube and a seamless tube

The difference between a seamed tube and a seamless tube


6. The difference between a seamed tube and a seamless tube


Indirect extrusion (seamless pipe)

Direct extrusion (with seam)

Aluminum ingot processing method

Surface turning, non-oxidized skin involvement

The skin is not turned, and there may be oxides in the product.

The action of aluminum ingots and ingots

One-piece flow, no friction; uniform metal flow;

There is relative friction; the metal flow is uneven; the product contains coarse crystals.

Product appearance

Both inner and outer walls are smooth; no burning or cracking on the surface;

External sightseeing is generally

Product mechanical performance

The metal flow of the product is uniform; the dimensional accuracy is high; the fatigue resistance is good; the mechanical properties are consistent; no layered structure.

The metal flow of the product at the first end cannot be uniform; the mechanical properties are inconsistent; layered structure is prone to occur.

Product category

It is especially suitable for extruding various super-hard alloy rods and tube profiles (such as 2014, 5056, 7075, etc.);

The added value of alloy products suitable for extruding general hardness is generally


Relatively high price, suitable for manufacturing high precision products

The price is relatively cheap, suitable for general products